Woosong University: SolBridge International School of Business

For students interested in an Asian-focused business education, SolBridge International School of Business provides an excellent opportunity. With its English language basis and American curriculum teaching model, the education won’t seem as foreign as you might expect it to, considering the school is located in Daejeon, Korea.

First-hand knowledge of Asian culture and languages will give you an edge on other American business school grads in the increasingly global market. If you’re an undergraduate, your 4-year immersion into Asian culture will make the school’s requirement of becoming fluent in one of three East Asian languages far easier than it would be if your only outlet were the classroom. Korea, in particular, has had economic growth unparalleled by any other nation, and that growth has occurred mainly in the areas of IT, software, nano-technology, and internet technologies.

SolBridge is the newest of the five schools that make up Woosong University, which is located near the Gyeryong Mountains and Daecheong Lake. Daejeon’s intense focus on higher education and technology makes it an international community with an unprecedented 7,500 of its 1.5 million citizens having Ph.D. degrees in the applied sciences, rightfully giving the city the nickname “Asia’s Silicon Valley.”

A brief overview of the SolBridge philosophy and programs shows an emphasis on giving students true “employability” and hands-on experience. Examples include the following.

  • Week-long Immersion Programs led by local and global experts, giving students exposure to management topics of their choosing
  • An international network designed to connect students with industry career potentials prior to graduation
  • Research projects on real-life business topics required of students in their final semester

The campus has been designed as an extension of the school’s comprehensive approach to education and culture. As such, it includes opportunities for fine dining, superior interior design, and a state-of-the-art sports complex. The school’s research center, The Asia Institute, along with the Corporate Advisory Council helps students gain practical knowledge and research about topics unique to East Asia.

Degree programs include a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and an MBA. While the curriculum for both programs is American, allowing for easy transfer in or out, the school’s academic year is different from the American norm. Two fifteen-week semesters are separated by two 10-week inter-sessions, which allow for shorter academic programs as well as internships. Tuition, room and board for the 9-month academic year is only $13,250 for BBA students or $14,350 for MBA students.

For application information, see the SolBridge website.


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